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A cardate escort is a meeting in a client’s car. This can be in a private parking lot or a secluded property. A cardate is meant to experience safe sex in a car, which is usually for half an hour to an hour. A cardate is useful for people who don’t have the space to receive escort girls at home or in a hotel. In a cardate, different positions can be experienced and the windows will often fog up quickly. At the moment, Desire escorts does not offer the possibility to find escort girls for a cardate in your area. However, you can order ladies to receive at home or hotel with discreet delivery.

Car sex

Visitors would like to experience a date for autosex . Meet discreetly in the woods, or just have intimate sex along a highway. In the case of a cardate, the windows can be opened slightly to prevent fogged-up windows. It is also advisable to keep the heating at a minimum because it can cool down considerably at night. Autosex with Desire escorts is not possible at the moment. We ask for your understanding. At the moment we only offer outcall escort girls from the age of 21. We offer ample opportunities to do business with our escorts. So call today for an appointment.

Discreet appointment

Our escort service guarantees discreet appointments. For example, we do not deliver with the arrival of a driver at your door or in the case of a hotel escort will not report to us at reception. Desire escorts is open 24 hours, and can be contacted at any time by phone on +31(0)6-43858353.