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How to become an escort girl

If you’re considering becoming an escort girl, there are a few things you need to think about. First of all, of course, you shouldn’t object to having sex with different men. In principle, this is always done safely. The clients of Desire Escorts know that our girls always work with a condom. Sex without a condom is irresponsible because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. We don’t want to do this to our customers, but certainly not to our girls either.

Safety first

The safety of our escort girls is always our top priority. We only make appointments in hotels or at the customer’s home. So not in remote parking lots or in a nature reserve or in an empty office building. As an escort girl, you always have the option to refuse certain actions or even to end the appointment early if you feel threatened or if the client makes demands that you cannot and do not want to meet. When you come to work at Desire Escorts, a page will be created where it is clearly stated for which actions you can be booked and for which you cannot. Our customers have to comply with this and fortunately this almost always happens.

Is becoming an escort girl right for me?

Of course, the profession of escort girl should suit you. It helps if you have your looks with you and look attractive to men. So, take care of yourself and always present yourself sexy and willing when visiting a client. Once you have gained some experience in “the profession”, it often all goes by itself and you can, in addition to your studies, for example, earn a nice extra with it. Are you interested in becoming an escort girl? Call us for information on +31(0)6-43858353